Lisa Shapter, Author
e Fiction & Fantasy

Writing about the future on antique typewriters!
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I am a member of Codex Writers and an alumna of the Breadloaf Young Writers Conference.  I have worked as an editor’s assistant for a major press, at several libraries, and I have completed my apprenticeship to a New England antiquarian book dealer

I am currently working on sociological SF series and a series of speculative fiction novels set in an alternate 1950's New England.

Recent Work:

"Planet 38" is the second of my short-story-a-week (ala 
Ray Bradbury) stories to be published.  (The first -- a prequel to this one -- was "No Woman, No Plaything" in Kaleidotrope.)  It is set in the same universe as "The World in his Throat".

"The World in his Throat" is a story about how future reproductive technology succeeds in colonizing the galaxy:  "No Woman, No Plaything" and "Planet 38" are about the sociological consequences of when it doesn't.

Prior work:

"Planet 38" at  4 Star Stories

"No Woman, No Plaything" in Kaleidotrope.

The novella "The World in his Throat" in M-BRANE SF's anthology Things We Are Not:

And "Gilvaethwy" in Aoife's Kiss #20.

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